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The electric at work regulations state that all system and equipment, including portable appliances used in the work environment should be tested and in a safe condition for their use. The HSE recommends that a schedule of testing and inspection must be implemented in all work places.

Portable appliance testing is a process by which your electrical equipment is tested to see if it is safe. Electricity kills and injures people. Around 1000 electrical accidents at work are reported to the Health & Safety Executive each year and about 25 people die of their injuries. Many of these deaths and injuries arise from the use of poorly maintained electrical equipment. This information will make you appreciate how important it is to maintain the condition of portable appliances.

We offer a professional testing service, using the most up to date equipment producing clear, printed certificates. We use a software management system which enables us to manage the information associated with the testing of portable appliances in accordance with Health and Safety Executives Health and Safety at Work Regulations and the Institution of Electrical Engineers' Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and testing of Electrical Equipment. All of our engineers are qualified and present themselves in a professional manner.

What Needs Pat Testing?

Any item that can be hand held or moved whilst connected to a power supply via leads and a plug Any item is 18kg or less and is powered by 50 to 415 volts. Items that can prove to be an exception to the rule but still require testing:  ie: Fridge / Freezers / photocopiers / vending machines / dishwashers.

Items that we Pat Test: 

  • Drills
  • Hair Dryers
  • Heaters
  • Extension Leads
  • Toasters
  • Fans
  • Printers
  • DVD, Video, Radio
  • Sockets and Switches
  • PCs / Computers
  • Microwaves
  • Kettles
  • Laptops
  • Phone / Battery Charges
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Lighting
  • Lamps
  • DJ Equipment

      Any appliance with a plug we test...


Full inclusive Pat Testing.

Inspection and safety testing of portable appliances with the latest computerised equipment. Testing is carried out in accordance with the IEE Code of Practice. Minor faults found during inspection can be repaired, and if replacement fuses and IT leads are required, they will be provided free of charge.

Microwave Leakage Testing.

Microwave testing is provided as part of our service, your microwave will be tested to check the radiation intensity. A report will be provided showing the microwave leakage (mW/cm2) output.

Cable and Plug Repairs.

The majority of items which fail a visual Pat testing inspection are due to damaged cable and plugs. Heavily used items such as     vacuums and 110v site equipment can all be damaged through general wear and tear. Replacement of cable/plugs can be undertaken.

Asset Reports and Certification.

To accompany your annual Pat test certificate, our engineers will produce a detailed electrical testing report that lists all the assets tested. This report will also help towards documenting your asset lists in case of audit/inspection.

Customers are supplied with an itemised appliance register, Certificate of Pat testing and list of failed and passed items. Reports are provided free of charge in a bound folder and can also be provided via email or disk if required.


Our quotation is based on the number of tests required. We aim to beat any genuine like for like quotation, we pride ourselves on providing a simple cost effective solution to your Pat testing requirements.

There will be no hidden charges and no VAT. Contact us on 0115 772 2568 for a quote today.

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