Step-by-Step Guide to Wiring a Plug

Wiring a plug is quite straightforward. All you need is a small screwdriver and something to cut the wires to length and to strip away unwanted insulation - a proper wire stripper and cutter is best but you can use a sharp knife or scissors.

Plug cover.

1. Unscrew the Plug Cover.

Loosen one flex clamp/cord grip screw, remove the other.

Remove the fuse.

2. Remove the Fuse.

Carefully lever it out with a screwdriver if necessary. Loosen terminal screws.


If you are in any doubt whatsoever when wiring plugs or replacing fuses, stop what you are doing and get expert advice.

Position flex in plug.


Position flex in plug, cut the wires to reach about 13mm (1/2inch) beyond each terminal. It may be necessary to carefully cut away flex outer sheath.


  • Green/yellow wire to earth terminal (marked E)
  • Blue wire to neutral terminal (marked N)
  • Brown wire to live terminal (marked L)
  • Two-core flex (live and neutral only) is used for double insulated appliances not needing an earth.
Carefully strip insulation.


Carefully strip enough insulation to expose about 6mm (1/4inch) of wire for screwhole terminals, about 13mm (1/2inch) for clamp type ones. Take care not to cut any strands of wire. Twist the strands of each wire together.

Fasten the cable clamp.


Fasten the cable clamp firmly over the outer sheath. Fit each wire into the appropriate terminal hole and tighten each screw. Check that there are no stray "whiskers" of bare wire.

NB: If the wires are small it may help to fold them over and then put them into the terminal holes.

Wrap wire clockwise around the pillar.

5b. For Clamp type Terminals:

Wrap wire clockwise around the pillar. Tighten screw.

Make one final check.

6. Finally Check:

  1. Wires are connected to the correct terminals
  2. There are no stray 'whiskers' of wire
  3. Flex clamp is on outer sheath of cable, not on wires
  4. All screws are tight.

  5. Fit the correct fuse (see overleaf)
  6. Refit plug cover and screw tight.

Note: Old wiring colours.

If you are replacing the plug on an old appliance, the colours of the wires may be different. Connect the old green wire to the earth (E), the old red to live (L), the old black to neutral (N).

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