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PAT Testing Labels

All equipment that has been tested and inspected must be clearly identifiable. This usually achieved by labelling the equipment with a PAT Testing label.

The label/sticker must contain the following

  • Unique identification code to enable equipment to be indefinable
  • The status of the equipment following the testing ie. PASS or FAIL
  • The date the equipment was tested together with the re-test period or the re-test date

The above information on the label is designed to enable the equipment to be easily identifiable even if several similar items exist within the same premises and also indicate to a non-technical user if the equipment is due for re-testing or should not be used.

Additional information contained on the label may include fuse rating, engineers initials, company name or logo.

Many modern PAT testers are able to read bar-coded labels and this is particularly suitable for the identification code. Barcodes should ideally contain both the barcode and the numerical number underneath.

Labels or stickers can vary in design but should be of suitable quality that they can readily stick to a variety of surfaces. They should also be durable and hard wearing to such an extent that they are capable of withstanding the period between testing without deterioration. The label should be positioned in a prominent position where it can be clearly seen.

Equipment failing the inspection and testing must be put beyond use and clearly labeled with a sticker indicating that it has failed.

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